My Next Project

I am planning on doing a simple outdoor side table for my next project. I am going to use Ipe wood which is extremely hard, long-lasting, and rot resistant. I know that cutting and drilling Ipe can be a challenge so I will make sure to document my process for all of that. Here is a link to the plan I think I am going to use.

I have a simple jig set up Kreg Jig® Mini but I am not sure if that will be good enough for the Ipe. I am also worried that the drill bit will not be strong enough, and that the jib might move around too much for what I am trying to do. If anyone has any advice please let me know.

Also if anyone has other recommendations for a simple outdoor project to do with Ipe wood please let me know.

Teak Cutting Board Project

For my first project, I had Don Houston, the Millwork Foreman at East Teak Fine Hardwood in Donalds, SC, help me through the using all of the tools needed for this project. We worked in East Teak’s mill area after hours. Most pictures are with his hands but that is because it is hard to work and photograph yourself at the same time. During the next project I am going to set up the tripod and try to do a video as well.

Choosing the Wood: Teak

The first step was picking out our wood to use. I wanted to use Teak since I knew we would have some smaller pieces I could use, and it would make a great cutting board because of it’s weathering abilities. Here is a good article I found explaining the benefits of using a Teak Cutting Board.Teak-Cutting-Board-Project-1

I found 3 boards that were about 5 inches wide, a little over an inch thick, and 24-30 inches long. So they worked great. I was shooting for a 12×24 final size with about a an inch of thickness. This would allow me to work the wood down and still have that size, if not larger.

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My First Project Plans

Well I have been thinking about what I want to do for my first project and I am thinking I am going to do a Teak Cutting Board. I am going to do my work based on this plan:

Scrap Wood Cutting Board

I am hoping to use some scraps we have sitting around. Any special advice for working with Teak?

I also have ordered this book:

The Complete Manual of Woodworking

Anyone have it or read it? Seems to have great reviews.

I am going to try to document my build with a video so keep an eye out for that and come back soon.

Also any recommendations for the best wood working forums to visit?


Where to Begin?

Welcome to the Fledgling Woodwork blog!

What is your blog about?

Fledgling Woodwork Blog  is an account of myself as novice to Woodworking learning how to get started, what to use, and hopefully sharing some of my projects.

Why are you writing this blog?

I want to document the process of learning woodworking, so that others could use it as a resource .

What made you decide to start blogging?

Blogging is great networking and could help me get advice and stay motivated.

What was your inspiration for the blog?

I look at a lot of great wood working blogs and was inspired by there work and the amount of interaction going on in the woodworking blog world. I am also working at a hardwood buyer and importer, so I thought it would be a great time to learn how to woodwork since I have such great materials available.

Where do you think I should begin?

Hand tools or power tools?

What is a good first project?

Any book recommendations?